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September 8, 2017

This purpose of this post is to publish single line
reports on the projects performed during the week.




A command set for reading the clock / file data-time
and getting the integer time, year, month, day, hour, minute
and second for subsequent processing has been defined.




The loading commands have been functionally tested. Problems
with closing the typedef software parts library have been
encountered. Correcting these problems is the next step.




Problems with closing the typedef software parts library have been
corrected and functional testing of the Array software parts library
has been started.

Software “Breaks”!

August 8, 2017

A 17 year old sailor on a submarine must be able to
fix a critical piece of electronic equipment within
15 minutes.

Critical submarine hardware has the required subsystems
to facilitate the location of a failed replaceable components.

Most hardware these days has at least one computer within it.
This includes critical submarine systems.

Can the same 17 year old sailor on a submarine find and
correct a critical software failure within 15 minutes?

Does software “break”? Not really. but software fails when
it illegally or incorrectly writes some data.

Programmers have many ways of preventing illegal writes which
they use in checkout and then remove before delivery.

WHATIFWE used formal illegal write prevention code in delivered

WhatifWe127 — My Internet Interface

May 14, 2017

Hopefully, this post will answer many of the questions that I have received about the Internet services that I am receiving.

First, please understand that I do not have a team. There is one of me and I am home based.

My Internet service is provided by Earthlink.

Recently I changed from DSL to a cable Internet communication process due to a major regional outage.

My blog is provided by the free WordPress site which may or may not add some advertising.

I also have a whatifwe Codeplex site and and a @whatifwe2048 Twitter site.

I designed my Website using Microsoft Front Page.

I have successfully accessed my web-site and blog on a LINUX, WINDOWS, and MAC machine.

Life of A Programmer — Session 6.3 — What should a Quality Assurance Software Engineer Know.

April 25, 2017


The operating system is the silent partner in all software
development activities.

The operating system, also having been developed by human
beings, will also have errors.

Most of the errors will have already been discovered.

The ones that have not been discovered will, in general,
be difficult to fix.

You, as the user, will have no control over that repair

Consequently, you may end up with a difficult task of
working around a system error that was discovered on your


Can Programming Be Strictly Portable Relative To Language?

June 14, 2016

The activity associated with development of strictly portable methods
of software development will be presented here. Included in this
Portability effort will be Windows based C, C++, C#, and Visual Basic;
and Linux based C and C++.

TUESDAY: 2016/06/14

STATUS: The CPP output library has been successfully tested. It is
ready for use.

NEXT TASK: The next task will be to examine previously CPP development
activities to determine the next step.

Can Programming Be Strictly Portable Relative To Language?

August 10, 2015

The activity associated with development of strictly portable methods of software development will be presented here. Included in this Portability effort will be Windows based C, C++, C#, and Visual Basic; and Linux based C and C++.

MONDAY: 2015/08/10

STATUS: The software parts associated with a common program output library has been prepared.


NEXT TASK: The next task is to prepare the associated software parts library.

Life of A Programmer — Session 1.1 — Are You A Software Engineer?

June 12, 2015

Your interest in this seminar tells me that you have programming experience

You probably have a college degree in information technology or related subject.

You may have a software engineering job or are looking for one.

But are you a software engineer?


Life of A Programmer — Session 5.3 — You are a Quality Assurance Manager

November 11, 2014

The Deming Cycle consists of the following four steps:
Plan, Do, Check the Results, and Analyze the Results.

A computer program is a very special Deming Plan to be
performed at the Client’s site on a computer.

There is a big different between Deming Plans done by
people and Deming Plans done by computers.

If people find a problem in the plan, they will stop the
activity and report the problem to management.

On the other hand, a computer will continue to execute
the plan, no matter how defective it is.

A software developer is a very special Q.A manager and
he does not even know it.


Developing a Website using a software parts library

April 25, 2014

The activity associated with development of a software parts library
for the development of a web-site will be presented here. This will be
an extension of the library used to prepare Programmable Software
Development Environment manual.

This effort was started a long time ago following the development of
the manual software parts library. Its purpose was to eliminate the
need for Front Page. It was subsequently put on hold so that other
more important efforts could proceed.

Mr. Mike is a long time professional friend of mine who has recently
offered to reconstruct my Web-Site. I told him my plan to use my tool
to rebuild my site. He has had difficulties relating to my technology
(It is quite different than normal programming methods) and I am not
really skilled in Web-site design. We both felt that this might a great
opportunity to make the technical connection.

FRIDAY: 2014/04/25

STATUS: While preparing the software group section parts, I observed
that all of ID and class names in Mr. Mike’s example were lower case.
It occurred to me that I should examine the literature to determine the
the syntax rules associated with these names.

DETAIL: I found the syntax rules in the Microsoft MSDN Library

RESULTS: The syntax rules (and I experimented with the whole_page class
in Mr. Mike’s examples) associated with the class names and the ID
names were essentially the same as the Programmable Software
Development Environment name.

NEXT TASK: I believe that a set of name management/communication parts
is in order and will be prepared. It will be first be integrated into
the whole page CSS software parts.

Prague Conference in 1987

January 22, 2014

In 1987, I presented a scientific paper at a conference
in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

At that time, Prague was a city in the territory under
control of the Soviet Union.

I have always performed my research on my own time and money.

I attended the conference on my vacation.

Needless to say, the other attendees were quite curious
about my personal research efforts.

During this time, I had an interesting conversation with
a Polish attendee while walking along the river:

POLISH ATTENDEE:  We are not special.

MY RESPONSE: Being special is defined by what you do
to be the very best in your field.

POLISH ATTENDEE:  We have no resources.

MY RESPONSE: Do you have a personal computer at your home?


MY RESPONSE: Probably a better one than I have.  My is
a Heathkit H89.

POLISH ATTENDEE:  The bosses will not like it.

MY RESPONSE: Usually, the bosses don’t kill the goose
that lays the golden egg right away.

At this point he understood and I was effectively
“walking on water”.

You ask: why am I sharing this little bit of history
with you.

History is a great teacher and today we need to learn
this lesson.