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Certifiable Test Methods

July 30, 2015

The activity associated with the development of certifiable test
processes will be presented in this blog.

The conditional test library has provided a good means of checking out
a library product. Currently, it does not produce a certifiable report.

A FAT (First Article Test) and FACT (Factory Acceptance Test) require
that a test report be prepared. Furthermore, this test report must
certifiable relative to the library product and that it has not be

THURSDAY: 2015/07/30

STATUS: The Conditional Test Library currently prepares a source file
for each set test condition for performing the specific test.

DETAIL: This source file is generated from the 128-Monte Carlo Test
bits in the “Define Test Step” of the Test Project. It has used in the
“Test Program Step”.

NEXT TASK: The subject library must be modified to render it capable of
preparing the report generation source in for the “Record Result Step”.
This report file must equipped with pseudo random parity bits to permit