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Developing a Website using a software parts library — 2014-06-11

June 11, 2014

The activity associated with development of a software parts library
for the development of a web-site will be presented here. This will be
an extension of the library used to prepare Programmable Software
Development Environment manual.

This effort was started a long time ago following the development of
the manual software parts library. Its purpose was to eliminate the
need for Front Page. It was subsequently put on hold so that other
more important efforts could proceed.

Mr. Mike is a long time professional friend of mine who has recently
offered to reconstruct my Web-Site. I told him my plan to use my tool
to rebuild my site. He has had difficulties relating to my technology
(It is quite different than normal programming methods) and I am not
really skilled in Web-site design. We both felt that this might a great
opportunity to make the technical connection.

WEDNESDAY: 2014/06/11

STATUS: The files needed to use the test task of the Programmable
Software Development Environment to both check out as well as to
formally test both the CSS and HTML development libraries have been
developed. A specialized test library was also developed.

DETAIL: The checkout process associated with a web-site development
process involves a visual inspection. The test files and associated
test library were designed to facilitate this requirement.

MY NEXT TASK: Restarting the development of the website group section
software parts will be the next task.



Open Source Software Development Tool: Upgrade Progress

July 5, 2013

It is planned to upgrade the Programmable Software Development
Environment to include the capability of reading the paste-in text
files where the each paragraph is one very long line.  You may need to
download the latest version of the Programmable Software Development
Environment to fully understand my reports.

The ability to read the paste-in text file is needed to certify that
the file has not been changed, was developed using the agree-upon
standard libraries, or has not been illegally copied.

FRIDAY: 2013/07/05

STATUS: The testing of the new Programmable Software Development
Environment commands has been delayed until the preparation/
modification of the software parts associated with the basic output

DETAIL: One might ask: why did I not build a simple, special test
library for these instruction. The development of the basic output
library is the most advanced use of these new instructions.  I still
think that this library is the best test vehicle for the new commands.

NEXT TASK: To save time in the preparation of the new Programmable
Software Development Environment for publication, I have decided to
start revising its manual.