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Open Source Software Development Tool Error

November 14, 2014

An Programmable Software Development Environment system error has been

The WIN32 error message is as follows:

PCG ERROR: MacCert — 455
PCG ERROR: macproj — 2698
PCG ERROR: macproj — 315
PCG ERROR: devproj — 1400
PCG ERROR: mainprj — 1461
PCG ERROR: explrpde — 153

The LINUX error message is as follows:

PCG ERROR: MacCert — 474
PCG ERROR: macproj — 2717
PCG ERROR: macproj — 334
PCG ERROR: devproj — 1419
PCG ERROR: mainprj — 1480
PCG ERROR: explrpde — 172

THURSDAY: 2014/11/13

STATUS: The following error was encountered when I was attempting to
separate the very large CSS Web Site Library into a system of smaller,
more compact libraries

DETAIL: When I developed the Programmable Software Development
Environment Version Control capabilities, I did not properly handle the
the include source files needed for the above library conversion effort.

NEXT TASK: An upgrade to the Version Control Capabilities is indicated.
Minimally, the Include statement must be included in the computation of
its pseudo-random parity computation. Furthermore, to insure that the
software parts files defining the release version of library are not in
any way altered, it may be appropriate to include the comments in the
pseudo-random parity computation The next step is to prepare a plan.